As you can expect, there are also disadvantages when dropshipping, here are the most important ones, in our opinion:

Low margins

When you start, you may have low margins as it depends on the niche you choose. It also depends on how competitive is your niche. So, just keep in mind that there will be profits but maybe not so high as you may expect from the start. 

But, if you choose the right niche and you do your research, find all about your audience and how to get in front of the right people, you probably have a big chance to have bigger profits really fast.

Complex order processing

This happens when you import products into your store from multiple suppliers and platforms. As different suppliers have different shipping times and services, this can create problems for you and your customers. 

So if you decide to choose different dropshipping platforms, just be careful about their shipping setup, costs or their processing and billing services.

You don’t have full control 

That’s only normal with this business model but many people don’t think about it when they start dropshipping. So, before deciding you want to do this, just make sure that you are fine with not having control over stocking products, order fulfillment, or shipping. 

That’s why dropshipping exists so that you leave all these aspects to your suppliers and you can have more time to focus on marketing and selling the products.

Customer service can be challenging

This only becomes a problem when you choose the wrong suppliers and your customers are not happy with the products or the shipping times, for example. 

But if you choose a platform like AppScenic where all suppliers are reliable and offer high-quality products, then you won’t have to deal with many angry customers.