You can update the categories for your product in a few easy steps. 

Start by going into your AppScenic Account, click on Products then on My Products.

Now find the product you want to update the category. 

From now on, you can update the category in two ways:

1. Click on the title of the product and you will land on the product page. 

On the top right corner of your product page, just under Product Status, you have Product Groups. 

And under Product Groups, you will find Categories. 

Now, just click on Categories and select the ones you want. 

Click Save and you are all set. 

2. From the My Products list, select the product you want. 

On top of your product list, you can find the tab Update Category.

Under Update Category, you can choose either to Add Categories or Remove Categories and click Save.

And now you know how to update the categories for a product. :)