AppScenic Price Formulas help you set certain specific rules for the prices of one or more products. 

With Price Formulas, you can either choose to make a profit and increase the price for a range of products or offer a discount and decrease your price for some products. 

You can also set a specific period of time for every formula you create.  

Formulas can also help if you wish to have one price for the products in your integrated store and one price for the products in AppScenic. 

The Price Formulas tool is set under Products in your AppScenic Account and includes the following fields:

Price Formula Name: Where you need to give a name to your formula.

Select Formula Type: Where you can choose from Addition/Profit (+) if you want to increase your price for some products for a specific period or Subtraction/Discount (-) when you want to offer a discount to your customers for a range of products during a certain period. 

Define Interval: Check this box if you want to make your formula available for a specific period of time.

Cost Range: This is an essential part of your formula, so pay extra attention to all these fields; 

  • You have to add the minimum and maximum price range of the products where your formula can be applied; 
  • Also, you need to add the percentage or/and fixed amount that can be subtracted or added to the product(s) prices, depending on the formula type you used.

That’s what a Formula is and the fields you have to fill in in order to have a functional Formula! :)