After you create your Formulas, you can use them in the following ways.

First, go on your AppScenic Account, click on Products and then on My Products. 

1.   On My Products click on the title of the product to get to its page.

Now, right under Product Groups, you will see Price Formulas and Returns.

Here you have the field where you can choose the formula to use if it applies to your product.

Click Save and you are all set!

2. On My Products find the product(s) you want to update.

Check the box on its left and choose Update Price For from the tabs on top of your products list. 

Then check Add Price Formula, choose the formula and Save.

You can also check Remove Price Formula, and this will remove your product from that Formula. 

3. On My Products you can also filter by Formulas and get to see only the products you added under a specific formula.

That’s how you use AppScenic Formula!