Go to your AppScenic Account and if you click on your Username on the left side of your Dashboard you have the Getting Paid section.

Click on Getting Paid and here is where you can set up your payment info. 

Below are the fields or sections you need to fill in:

Billing Name: here is where you add your Name, Business Name and the Currency in which you want to get paid by Retailers.

Bank Transfer: here is where you add all the details for your bank account, such as Name of the Bank, Country, IBAN, SWIFT code and Account Name. 

PayPal: if you want to get paid through your PayPal account then you need to fill in these fields here by clicking on the writing icon. 

Billing Address: if the billing address is the same as the Company Address then just check that box and you only need to add one address below this section. 

Transactions: Below all these fields you have also the list with all your invoices where you can see the ID, Date, Amount, Status, Payment Method and Download Invoices - where you can see the details of a certain invoice and/or download it. 

Don’t forget to click on SAVE once you add or update anything on this page.