Here is how the entire selling process works on AppScenic:

  • You receive orders on your AppScenic Supplier Account on a daily base and you will need to ship them to the specified address as soon as possible;

  • Before we even send an order request to you, the retailer needs to pay us the entire order in full. This is how you know that the order is legit and it was already paid.

  • After you ship an order and the tracking number is added/imported to your AppScenic Account, you will get paid 100% of the full amount of the order once the order is complete according to a predefined weekly schedule. As we promised, we do not charge any sales fees.

  • We will pay you using the payment method that you prefer. We work with: Bank transfer,  Wise (formerly TransferWise), Paypal and we are going to add more payment methods soon.

And that’s how the selling process works on AppScenic. :)