The 1st and most important step when setting up your AppScenic Account is to Add A New Store.

Don’t worry, this is easy to do.  

You can add a new store from the Quick Start page by just clicking Connect Your Store on the first step.

Now, if this is not your first store on AppScenic, click on Account and then Integrations on the left side of your Dashboard.

On top of this page you have a button ADD NEW STORE. Click on that button to start the process of adding a new store. 

You will have to go through 2 easy steps:

1. First, you need to choose from the integrations that we have, for example, Shopify. Just as it’s written there, you have to select your store's platform to configure the integration with AppScenic

2. A new page will open up and there you need to click on Add app. Now you just need to follow some easy steps (see the video for more on this) and install our app. 

And that's all. You have just added your store on AppScenic