That’s very easy!

Go to your AppScenic Account and click on Product Catalogue. 

There you can choose from around 100 categories or you can simply scroll down and browse through our products. 

Keep in mind we have over 500,000 products at the moment (we are planning to have around 2 million by the end of 2022), so we highly recommend filtering by category and/or choosing from other filters like In Stock or Premium Only. 

Now, find the product you want to add to your store and click on it.

Read its description and all the info provided by our suppliers, from Product Variants to Supplier Policy and Shipping, all of these are really important.

When you decided you want to sell that product in your store, you can click on the IMPORT NOW button on the right side of the product window. 

And that’s how you import a product from AppScenic to your store.