To update your payment method, here's what you need to to:

  • Go to your AppScenic Account

  • Click on Billing and Subscription, and then on Details and Invoices. 

  • Here on the right side, you have your payment methods or cards. 

  • If your old payment method is not the right one anymore, you should delete it by clicking on the Delete icon placed under your card number. Then confirm your selection in the popup.


  • Now, you can click on the ADD PAYMENT METHOD button to update or add a new credit card or debit card. 

  • You can choose to pay your subscription with either a Credit Card or Debit Card.

  • If you want this card to be your default payment method and also allow AppScenic to save it for future payments, please check both boxes as in the image above.

  • Then click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD and confirm this information with your bank or payment gateway. 

And that's all, you just updated or added a new payment method to your AppScenic Account.