The AppScenic Dashboard is packed with the most innovative features on the market.

Here are some of the things you will see on your personalized dashboard. 

Total sales for today/for the month: You can find how much you made on your sales for the day or for the month. 

Pending payments: What is the total of payments you still have pending.

Returned Requests: How many active or open returned requests you have from retailers. 

Recent Orders: A list of recent orders with the name of the retailer, the date, quantity, and the current status of the order. 

Important Analytics: On the other half side of your Dashboard you will also see a series of graphics that show how your sales and orders, for example, alternated in the last month. 

On the bottom side of your dashboard, you will also find some other useful info, as are the latest news, popular links and who is your Account Manager and how you can contact him or her.