In order for your products to appear live in your store and be able to sell them, you need to Push them to store.

Start by going into your AppScenic Account, click on My Products and then on View my products.

Now, from here you can choose to push your products online in two ways.

1. One way is to take one by one the products you want to publish and click on the Push to store button placed right under their status.

2. Another way is to click on the Push to store tab placed on top of your product list. Then select all the products you want to publish on your store and choose Push to store placed on top of your list. 

And now you know how to push products from AppScenic to your store. :)

Keep in mind, that you can also choose to automatically push all products to your store after importing them from the AppScenic Catalogue

If you want to enable this on your store, go to My Stores, click on Actions and then Edit. A pop-up like the one below will appear, tick the box and now your products will be automatically pushed to store once imported from AppScenic Catalogue.