The 2nd step when setting up your AppScenic Account is to Select your plan

Let's see how you can do that. You have 2 options to choose a subscription plan. 


1. In the Quick Start section, just select the plan you want to subscribe for, and add your discount code, if you have one. Then click on SUBSCRIBE NOW and confirm your selection with the e-commerce platform used for your store, such as Shopify or WooCommerce. 

2. Or, you can also click on Billing and Subscriptions and then on My Subscription in your AppScenic AccountOn top of your window, you will find your current subscription plan and if you scroll down you will also see all our paid plans. Now, you can follow the same steps as above. 

And that's all. You have just picked your subscription plan on AppScenicCongratulations!

Later Edit: We're increasing our Subscription Prices from 23 May