WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Being an open-source e-commerce plugin, it can be installed in any environment, with different settings and different setups. 


The connection between AppScenic and the WooCommerce website is made based on webhooks that require an instant and fast response from your WooCommerce. We are syncing all the products, orders, tracking numbers, and so on instantly; therefore, your WooCommerce platform must ensure that it runs on the right environment. 


Our recommendations to run WordPress/WooCommerce for AppScenic (a powerful and automated tool) is a VPS (Virtual Private Server), Cloud, or a Dedicated Server with the below specifications:


-      At least 4 CPU cores, ideally 2.0Ghz+

-      At least 2GB RAM

-       20-30GB of Disk Space


Once you have WordPress with WooCommerce installed and running, please ensure the server and the WordPress/WooCommerce have the following settings (limitations set). Ensure you are running the WordPress/WooCommerce on the latest PHP/Apache/MySQL versions.


-       memory_limit = 512M

-       upload_max_filesize = 50M

-       post_max_size = 51M

-       file_uploads = On

-       max_execution_time = 300


Also, please ensure that your HTTP server (Apache, Nginx, etc.) has the right amount of workers and a reasonable high timeout limit to provide the necessary time to sync and import large products with large images or descriptions. 

All the above settings need to be made on the server side while the below recommendations can be made on the WordPress/WooCommerce side.


For the Media library please ensure the maximum upload file size is at least 100 MB. 


Finally, please note that some security plugins might block access to external API requests. If any error occurs, make sure there is no other plugin that conflicts with our API connection.