You can now mark specific products as favorites by selecting the heart symbol on their product card. 

 There are multiple ways you can mark products as your favorites:

  • Hover your mouse over a product card, and click on the empty heart on the top-left side of the product picture (see image above). 

  • You can click on the empty heart in the quick-view popup; it will be also displayed on the top-left side of the product picture.

In both of these situations, once you click on the empty heart, this message will appear "The product is successfully added to My Favorite". And then the heart will be displayed with a red border and transparent background(as above) or full red hear as in the image below.

Where can you find these products?

  • All your selected products are displayed in the Product Catalog if you select the Favorites box as seen below.

  • Under Account, click on My Products on the left navigation menu, and there you can find the Favorites page - here you will find all your favorite products, both imported and not.

And that's how you mark products as favorites and the way you can find them.