Here is what you need to do to setup your Shipping settings and main location.

  • From your AppScenic Account, click on Account, then on Store Settings. Or you can also click on Store Settings - Step 3 from the Quick Start and Store Integration Progress of your AppScenic Account.

  • Here, on the bottom of the Store Settings page, you have the Shipping Settings part. Now, in the field Main Location  you need to add the main country you will ship to or, in other words, where most of your customers are located.

  • You can also choose to select the box "Do you also ship to other countries (internationally)" if you intend to ship internationally. Keep in mind that if you don't tick this option you'll be able to import only products that ship to your main location.

  • You now need to add a default phone number for your orders. Now, we need this number to send it to the shipping company in case a customer doesn't fill in their phone and the order can not be delivered otherwise. That's why we recommend making the phone number mandatory in your store to avoid situations when the shipping company can not reach your customer.

  • Make your choice and click on SAVE.

And that's how you set your Shipping Settings.