You need to configure your AppScenic Wallet to start selling and delivering your first orders. 

We created an innovative AppScenic Wallet System for you to easily send payments automatically to suppliers using your favorite payment method. 

Go to Account, then click on Store Wallet. You will land on a page like the one below, where you will need to click on the edit icon to start setting up your wallet. 


Then you will land on the actual page of your Store Wallet where you will have to click on the edit icon again to fill in the wallet details, from billing info to billing address and also select your preferred currency. You can choose between USD, EUR and GBP as currencies for your wallet. 

You will also need to add a payment method by clicking on the ADD PAYMENT METHOD button on the right side of your Wallet Details

On your Wallet Detail page, you will also find the Auto Funding setting that lets you choose a favorite payment method from which we will fund your balance automatically every time you reach a pre-defined threshold. 

Now, on the Order Processing and Payment Automation section, you can choose to delay the payment of an order for a certain time by selecting the box On Hold Time and choosing between 6h, 12h 24h, or 36h hold time. This means that after the specified time passes, your order will be automatically paid from your Wallet funds.

Keep in mind: The store wallet can be configured later but you need to set up before you send your first orders to suppliers.