To start rewriting your products' titles and descriptions, follow these steps. 

  • Go to Product AI Tools on your AppScenic Account and click on AI Description & Images

  • Here you will land on a page called AI Products where you can see all your imported products, like the one below. 

  • Now choose which product you want to improve using AI from your list and click on its name to land on its page. 

  • Click on the AI icon placed on the right side of the Default Title to improve product details using AI.

  • A pop-up will appear (see below) and you will have to confirm you want to run AI improvements on Title and Description by choosing YES

  • These improvements may take a while, that's why a notification, see below, will pop up letting you know that the AI is doing its magic in the background. 

  • Once the AI has made its changes, you will see them at the end of your product page. Make sure you read the new content, and approve it by clicking on ACCEPT AI IMPROVEMENTS.

  • Another pop-up will appear, making sure you want these changes to appear live on your store. Click on YES if that's your choice. 

  • Once that's done, you will see on the right side of that product page the status COMPLETED under AI Improvement and IN STORE under Integration Status.

And that's how you use our new AI tool to improve your product titles and descriptions!