There are multiple ways to find out if your new SEO-generated product details are live in your store.

  • Go to Marketing AI Tools on your AppScenic Account and click on SEO. On this page, you will see all your imported products. The ones you have been using AI for will have the status COMPLETED in the column AI SEO STATUS. This means not only that you have used AI to improve their content, but also that this new SEO content is now live on your store. 

  • You can also filter by AI SEO Status on top of your products list on your AI SEO page. Just click on COMPLETED and you will only get to see the products that have that status.  

  • You can also click on the AI - Accept Improvements tab at the top of your AI SEO page. That's where you will find only your AI-improved products. The ones that are live on your store will have the status COMPLETED in the column AI SEO STATUS

  • Now, if you go on one of your AI-enhanced product pages, on the right side of its page, you will have the status COMPLETED under AI Improvement and IN STORE under Integration Status.

That's how you know an AI SEO-improved product is live on your active store.